What is there to say about me! 

I’m a Rock-Lady who has remained young. My Sessions are events of burning fire. Music is my life and i love it to make people happy . In spite off music is only a hobby for me. The favorite songs i sing are rock songs, but other music-styles  are a piece of my repertoire, too.  I sing typically Old-School-Rock-Songs like stars like Elvis, Bob Seger and Chuck Berry.












My name is Monika Puls. I was born in Börry at the 16. April of 1953, a little village of agricultural museum in Lower Saxony. I took my child-hood there, go to school in Emmerthal. I made my education in Hamelin for learning the job bookseller.  After several  side jobs beside my Mainjob „Mother and wife“,  i worked in AEG mounting electrical items since today. Nowadays my husband has died and now i have time to live my passion.

Additionally i sing in a choir and play guitar in a guitar-group.